Research Day VNVNG (27/02/2015)

Global and Transregional History in the Early Modern Netherlands

The ‘spatial turn’ made early modern historians reflect upon the scale of their research: should subjects be studied at the local, regional, or national level? Global history subsequently challenged them to question evolutions at a global scale, whilst transregional history pleads for the study of cross-border transfers.

This Research Day offers a Dutch research group which uses a global approach and a Flemish group of early modern historians which uses a transregional starting point. Both will discuss the methodological implications of their type of study with the wider audience.

Please register before 20/02/2015 by mailing and by transfering 20 Euro (10 Euro for MA students) to the VNVNG-account, including the message “Dag van het Onderzoek 2015”:

IBAN BE96 0682 3425 2805

BIC: GKCCBE BB(VNVNGte Antwerpen);

The registration fee includes coffee, tea, lunch and reception.


10.30       Registration wih tea and coffee

10.50       Opening by Joop Koopmans (President VNVNG)

11.00       Presentation of the projects “Fighting Monopolies, Defying Empires 1500-1750: a Comparative Overview of Free Agents” and “Challenging Monopolies, Building Global Empires in the Early Modern Period” (Universiteit Leiden) with presentations of Cátia Antunes, Karwan Fatah-Black, Edgar Cravo Bertrand Pereira and Erik Odegaard

12u10      Discussion

12u40      Lunch

13u30      Presentation of the project “Crossing borders in early modern times” (KULeuven) with presentations of Violet Soen, Bram De Ridder, Alexander Soetaert and Sophie Verreyken

14u40      Discussion

15u10      Coffee/tea

15u30      Round table with Violet Soen, Werner Thomas, Johan Verberckmoes and Catia Antunes

16u00      Discussion, with introduction by Michiel van Groesen (UvA)

16u30      Drinks

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