Louise Deschryver

Louise Deschryver (1995) joined the early modern history department at KU Leuven in 2017. She is an early modern religious historian, studying the sensorial dimension in the religious strife between Catholics and Protestants. Initially, she has been studying these religious conflicts in the Francophone borderlands of the Low Countries, such as Tournai and Lille. The research results will be published in 2020 in the online journal The Early Modern Low Countries. Currently, she is analyzing sensorial communities in the port city of Antwerp, which became the new religious and political frontier between the Habsburg Low Countries and the Dutch Republic.

Recent publications:

Louise Deschryver: “You Only Die Once: Calvinist dying and the Senses in Lille and Tournai during the Dutch Revolt”, Early Modern Low Countries 4 (2020), forthcoming

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