Launching Nodo Borgoña-Flandes

Further cooperation with Red Columnaria

Last week we launched the ‘Nodo Borgoña-Flandes’ within the research network Red Columnaria. Red Columnaria is a scientific network which stimulates research and discussion among historians of the Iberian worlds, discussing especially the ‘fronteras’ of the Spanish Habsburg Empires. Our transregionalists in Leuven are thus very glad to join! By engaging a diverse community with a global projection, Red Columnaria contributes to worldwide historiographical renovation. The network was already present in  fifteen countries on three continents, and has so far organized more than 150 congresses and seminars. Building on this cooperation, its members have published some fifty books in recent years. Now, they are also present in the axe Belgium-North of France- the Netherlands through the Nodo Borgoña-Flandes. Yves Junot (Université de Valenciennes) and Violet Soen (University of Leuven) act as the coordinators of this group, and the workshop on confiscations was their first step in bringing the members of this group together. In 2016 they will organize the annual conference of this new Nodo.

More information about who the members of the Nodo Borgoña-Flandes are can be found at:

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