Fifth RefoRC Conference: Plenary Speakers

LOGO ReforcWith the Fifth RefoRC Conference steadily approaching, we are pleased to announce the names of the plenary speakers. The following six scholars will present their take on the transregional and cross-border aspects of the Reformation(s):

Angela Berlis (Bern): Transregional Interactions between Jansenists, Roman Catholics and Protestants in Seventeenth-Century Northern Europe.

Michel Boeglin (Montpellier): Réforme et circulation des idées réformées sur les terres du roi d’Espagne au XVIe siècle. Le cas de Constantino de la Fuente.

Barbara Diefendorf (Boston): Localizing a Transregional Catholic Reformation: How Spanish and Italian Orders Became French.

Grazyna Jurkowlaniec (Warsaw): Printed Images Crossing Borders: Vehicles of Dissemination of Artistic Models, Markers of Confessional Identities, and Instruments in Political Agendas.

Nicolas Standaert (Leuven): European Catholicism Shaped by the Encounter with China.

Alexandra Walsham (Cambridge): Religious Ventriloquism: Translation, Cultural Exchange and the English Reformations.

Should you wish to participate, short paper proposals dealing with religious reform in the broad 16th and 17th centuries are still welcome until 15 February 2015. See the registration form at

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