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09 May 2018: Mobilité(s) à l’époque moderne et de nos jours. Regards croisés (National Library of Belgium, Brussels).

30-31 May 2018: Nouveaux regards sur les saisies patrimoniales en Europe à l’époque de la Révolution française (KIK, Brussels).

Past Events:

22 March 2018: RSA 2018, session on Catholic Empires, Real and Planned

Violet Soen, A Catholic International, or Transregional Catholicism in Cambrai (1559–1659)?

12-14 October 2017: Violet Soen,‘Roundtable: Religious Refugees in History and in Future’, LEST-conference.

28-30 June 2017: Refugees in the early modern period (Emden).

13-14 June 2017: International Summit on Borders (Army and Navy Club, Washington DC)

26-27 May 2017: Les Croÿ et la frontière (Montcornet).

23 May 2017: Doctoral defence Alexander Soetaert (Universiteitshallen, Leuven).

10-12 May 2017: Violet Soen, ‘Refugees in early modern Borderlands: encounter of radicalization’, RefoRC-conference: The Rise of Pluralism (Wittenberg).

May 2017: Werner Tomas, ‘La represión del protestantismo en España’, La monarchie catholique et son empire atlantique. Nouvelle approche de l’Histoire de l’art (Casa de Veláquez, Museo del Prado, Harvard University en de Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Madrid).

6-8 April 2017: COST-workshop: Concord and Discord in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe

23-24 February 2017: Winning back with Books and Prints. At the Heart of Catholic Reformation in the Low Countries, Liège. 

Alexander Soetaert, A French book in the Low Countries: Matthieu de Launoy’s ‘Déclaration et réfutation’ and its reissues in Douai, Cambrai and Antwerp

Johan Verberckmoes, L’hilarité chrétienne au temps des Archiducs Albert et Isabelle

Heleen Wyffels, Assessing survival rates of widow-printers’ businesses in sixteenth-century Antwerp)

7 February 2017: Bram De Ridder, Passport policy: administering the Habsburg-Dutch border through travel permits (Harvard History Seminar, Harvard University).

11 January 2017: Bram De Ridder, De grens tussen de Nederlanden: haar ontstaan en beheer tijdens de Tachtigjarige Oorlog (Henri Mastboom Lectures West-Brabants Archief, Roosdaal).

24-26 November 2016: XIIth International Conference on the History of the Iberic Monarchies. To reconcile and to reincorporate: Discourse, ceremonies & practices in and beyond the Iberic Monarchies. (Valenciennes/Courtrai).

18-20 August 2016: Sixteenth Century Society Conference (Bruges). (

Session 75 (18 August): Session with Sophie Verreyken on princely entries and funerals in the Early Modern Low Countries.

Session 208 (19 August): Session organized by Violet Soen and Alexander Soetaert on Catholic renewal in and beyond Cambrai.

18 February 2016: Prof. Johan Verberckmoes, The Irish on the Road to Santiago, from the 13th to the 21st century, LCIS lecture series in Irish studies (Leuven Institute for Ireland in Europe). (

18 February 2016: Prof. Violet Soen, A Catholic International, or Transregional Catholicism? Print, Exiles and Hosts in and beyond Cambrai (1559-1659) (University of St. Andrews Reformation Studies Institute Seminar), (

25 January 2016: Masterclass with professor Tamar Herzog (Harvard University). (

19-20 November 2015: Barriers and borders in and Beyond the Habsburg World. A Transregional Perspective (Faculty of Arts, KU Leuven). (

6 November 2015: Post-Graduate Seminar Sophie Verreyken (Faculty of Arts, KU Leuven).

20 October 2015: Post-Graduate Seminar Alexander Soetaert (Faculty of Arts, KU Leuven).

7-9 May 2015: Transregional Reformations (RefoRC, Leuven). (

26-28 March 2015: The Annual Renaissance Society of America Conference (Berlin, Renaissance Society of America).

Session 27 March: Transregional Networking in the Habsburg Netherlands. (

27 February 2015: Dag van het Onderzoek (VNVNG, Nijmegen)

4-7 November 2014: BRIT XIV: The border, a source of innovation/La frontière, source d’innovation, (Arras, Mons, Lille). (

Session 62: Borderlands as laboratories for religious and political change in the early modern era (

The Annual Renaissance Society of America Conference, 27-29 March 2014,  New York, Renaissance Society of America. (

Session 30333: Border Management: Politics, Law, and Security in Early Modern Borderlands.

Harvard Graduate Student Conference on International History (Con-IH): Sources in International History, 14 March 2014, Cambridge (Ma), Harvard University.

Fronteras: Representaciónes, integraciones y conflictos entre Europa y America, s. XVI-XX, Congreso Internacional, 20-22 June 2013, Rome, Roma III and Red Columnaria.

La frontière franco-belge. Une rencontre entre historiens de l’Ancien Régime et de l’histoire contemporaine: Journée d’étude, 30 November 2012, Courtrai, KU Leuven – KULAK.  (

L’identité au pluriel. Jeux en enjeux des appartenances aux anciens Pays-Bas (14-16e siècle), 19-21 April 2012, Valenciennes.

Second session: Identités et altérités autour de la frontière France-Pays-Bas

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